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3D modeling and rendering services for small to medium scale projects.

3D printing and prototyping services also available.



Upcoming Projects

Anakin's Pod.png

Anakin's Podracer

In Progress

Cyberpunk 2077 Car.png

Cyberpunk 2077 Quadra

Coming Soon

Tron Legacy Lightcycle.jpg

Tron Lightcycle

Coming Soon



Whilst I studied at University for 3 years (plus a work placement year) to become a Product Designer, my true passion is working with people to help turn their ideas into digital creations.

My name is Marc Swain and I am a 3D Digital Design Artist.

I am obsessed with the design elements of different genres like sci-fi, comics, and gaming etc. and have spent the past 3 years digitally creating vehicles, weapons, and robotic creatures, to name a few, from my favorite movies, TV shows, and video games.

Some of the projects I've worked on have taken months to create due to the amount of detail I ensure is included on the models.



My primary service is to assist those, unable to create 3-dimensional models in a CAD program.


Depending on what the customer requires, I can then either send over the 3D file as is, create a scene for the model to be rendered in, or prepare the file so that it can be 3D printed a 3D printer.

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