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My name is Marc Swain and I initially created MSD (Marc Swain Designs) just over 4 years ago to serve as a place to show all the work and projects I would go on to complete during my 4 year product design degree at London South Bank University.

Over the past 4 years I have built up a huge library of projects as well as learning and developing the skills/techniques, to become an experienced and proficient designer. Whilst my specialty is Computer Aided Design, almost all of the projects I have worked on at university, and during my work placement year have required multiple skills and practices in order for them to be completed.

As mentioned on the previous page, I follow a variety of different media like films and video games which I believe are contributing factors to the designer I have become today.

I am constantly seeing new objects every single day that I inevitably end up creating in CAD. More often then not each model I create brings new challenges with it that, using my knowledge and skills that I have learnt over the years, I am able to overcome

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